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CNBC-TV18 Financial Advisor Awards 2018 - 19

The true test of a Financial Advisor is in delivering sound advice over a long period of time. A few extraordinary individuals have stood up to the challenge and earned intangible assets - admiration & respect. CNBC-TV 18 FINANCIAL ADVISOR AWARDS 2018 - 19 honour those outstanding Financial Advisors who have delivered during crucial times. This year there were over 44000 aspiring entrants. As we have been winning these awards frequently, we have been inducted into the “Hall of Fame” at CNBC-TV18's Financial Advisor Awards 2018-19.

The Evaluation Process

ICRA Limited, India’s leading provider of investment information and credit rating services in India, and an Associate of Moody’s Investors Service, conducts the evaluation process. The assessment is carried out based on the following indicative parameters

Qualitative parameters

  • Educational / Professional Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Quality of research / advice
  • Quality of service - based on feedback from investor sample
  • Competitive Strengths and Market Position
  • Value Creation for Customers
  • Product Uniqueness and Innovation
  • Average tenure of relationship with clients
  • Forms of compensation (commission-rebate model or fees model)
  • Main Achievements

Quantitative parameters

  • Assets under management (size)
  • Asset profile
  • Investor Accounts
  • Number of investment advisors

The evaluation process is a three-stage process with the first stage being screening of completed nomination application forms. This stage is followed by short listing of a limited number of financial advisors in each category (top 10% - for example); detailed information is sought and analysis carried out based on extensive interactions with ICRA. The third stage involved three final short listed financial advisors going through a round of presentations to a jury comprising of industry experts, regulators, CNBC-TV18 representatives and representatives from ICRA.

Market Timing

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