Property Vs Equity Mutual Funds Vs Gold

At BrainPoint, we have an established practice of hosting 2 ‘Investors Meets’ each year - in April and in October, where we invite all the 200+ families who have retained us as their fee based advisors. In each of these meets, we present details of our performance, give a market overview, take up one educational / informative topic for detailed discussion which is relevant to our investors, and then open up for a Q&A, where any of our investors can ask us any question, in front of all our investors. This showcases to our investors very clearly our transparent approach, and our confidence in the advice and service we offer to all our investors.

In April 2015, we hosted our Investor Meet, where the theme was Property Invt vs Equity MFs Invt vs Gold Invt. Investors have their strong perceptions, and also have their own experiences, which strengthens their conviction in property. We put in considerable effort to showcase hard data over various time periods and made a detailed presentation. And we were successful in breaking this myth among our investors. The entire transcript of the session that we conducted is appended.

Click the button below to view the transcript of the entire presentation on Property Investments vs Equity MFs Investments vs Gold Investments.