Investor Feedback

July 2023 Investor Feedback

This is something really great and amazing returns, thanks to Team Brainpoint, which has given me and my family a wonderful financial security and given me the freedom to live a good life with my choices. I think this is possible with Brainpoint because of Mr Kashikar's immense knowledge, passion, and a genuine interest in achieving the best for his clients.
- Taral Sheth (Owner, Aurum Enterprises)
The returns are just amazing. Jaydeep, Vandana and you (Soni) are a thoroughly professional team with sound financial acumen backed by informed research.
- Neil Santamaria (UK)
Many many thanks for the excellent returns which are out of this world 🎉
- Vivek Deshmukh (Managing Director, DECPL, Goa)

Jan 2022 Investor Feedback Survey

We started with BrainPoint in 2008. In 2010 we had a financial planning session with Jaydeep and set out with an agenda of achieving a corpus of 8cr for a retirement objective at 50. We are happy that through the SIP route and by investing all available surplus we could reach the objective in a short timeframe of just 10 years. Infact our trust is so firm due to the timely advice backed by excellent returns that we sold all our shares, surrendered all LIC policies and also sold off an extra flat and my PF collections of 23 years of service and invested all these through BrainPoint in recommended MFs. Now both our son and daughter are also the next generation BrainPoint investors. Thanks for the ethical advice, backed up by returns and maintaining a continuous touch with us the investors that gives us the confidence and hope that in good or bad times we all are together.
- Yogesh Joshi (Director - Russia, CIS and Balkan Republics, Serum Institute of India)
Excellent market knowledge, Excellent ability to communicate the investment strategy & 100% ethical advice. These are qualities of BrainPoint that makes them super successful. Year 2021 has been one of the best years in terms of wealth creation for all of us at BrainPoint (Umeed se zyada aur waqt se pehle !!!). This gave us an opportunity to move in to our dream home, thank you BrainPoint :):)
- Vinay Halambi (Associate Director, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd)
The information that comes in via email and whatsapp is self-explanatory. It is clear, concise, to the point and gives a very clear direction on what is to be done. It is very rare in today's context to get such clear, crisp, action oriented communication.

It has been an absolute honour to be associated with BrainPoint over the last 25 years. Consider myself very lucky to have found this gem of a company and the people.
- Rajesh Aiyar (Country Head Sales, Redington Qatar Distribution WLL)
Year 2020 & 2021 were the most difficult years all over the world due to covid-19 outbreak. As far as the stock market was concerned people sold their equities in panic and if BrainPoint was not there we also would be sailing in the same boat - by selling at a very wrong time. But we are extremely fortunate that we have not sold and infact we bought in panic. All thanks to BrainPoint - Mr Jaydeep Kashikar & team for timely and regular ethical advice throughout. And today when we see our portfolio it seems like a dream come true. Sometimes I really wonder how can BrainPoint be right all the time and upto perfection. Bravo and really don't have any words to praise you. This indeed is called wealth creation!
- Ajay Parekh (Vile Parle East)
Advisory information content is excellent, courageous and full of convictions which comes only when you have a bird’s eye view or you are a genius.

More than returns I am contended that the organisation I am connected with is absolutely ethical and advocates what it applies for (CEO) himself.
- Rt. Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma
Advisory content is superlative. With regular updation of facts/news/statistics, I have got spoilt getting everything on a platter.

Extremely contented, because the returns are consistent, and far beyond my expectations.
- Anup Rao (Rt. Head Internal Audit. Rallis India Ltd. )
Come March 2020... Once again, a moment of trials & tribulations and one of the worst & most unexpected bloodbath the markets would have ever witnessed till date. Once again, a time to test the best and the most seasoned of equity investors, a time which saw many experienced, powerful, knowledgeable, rich and even the most patient investors losing out to the mayhem on the D street. But what prevailed at the Camp BrainPoint was completely the opposite.... poise, calming messages, reassuring and encouraging support, seasoned & clinical guidance on the way forward. Indeed, it is times like these that have made me smile on my destiny of having BrainPoint as my advisor for investments. Thank you team BrainPoint, not just for the massive gains that your investors made out of these times, but many thanks for being the soothing effect for all your investors during those days. Keep up the good, ethical, honest work.
- Harendra Tahilramani (Vice President, J. K. Infra-Utlilites Pvt Ltd)
I like the simple yet powerful approach of BrainPoint investment strategy and way of handling. No marketing gimmicks, no flamboyant useless PowerPoint talk. Plain simple excel showing superior real results.
- Rafiqua Mahadiwala (VP Finance, ATOS)

Jan 2021 Investor Feedback Survey

I think BRAIN POINT is above RATING SYSTEM. BRAIN POINT works only on Ethics I always say we are very very lucky to have been associated with BrainPoint for last 15 years. And specially advice given in 2020. I think 2020 was the most difficult year from stock market perspective. We have seen the highest volatility from March to Dec 2020. We have seen market crash to 26000 from 42000 in very short time and also seen recovery from 26000 to 49000 in less than 10 months. And to stay calm in this situation is very difficult. But because of your time-to-time advice we have overcome all the worries. And starting from March 20 every month you have given continuous positive news for the economy and assured us that these positive news will be beneficial for the markets in future and actually proved right the way Sensex has moved. You also predicted well in advance that market will surpass its previous high of 42000 and will also take Sensex to 50000 much sooner. I think it’s only God who can predict the way you predicted the market.
- Ajay Mahendra Parekh (Vile Parle East)
Our family has been associated with Brain Point and Jaydeep Kashikar for about 20 years now. That speaks volume of his integrity, quality of advice and ethical service. The advice that we received on liquidating holdings in shares, properties, etc. and investing the proceeds in Mutual Funds has paid off extremely rich and profitable dividends. They recognise our fears (when markets crash) and our euphoria (when markets peak). This enables them to advise us about the actual reality and help us stay grounded and optimistic. Their timely advice of market timing (liquidating and re-investing) has always been perfect and helped us multiply our money manifold. However, the most important aspect is their transparency and their ethical practice. This keeps our mind at ease and we are ensured of the safety of our investments.
- Utpal Desai (C.A., UDF & Associates)
I am thankful to the Almighty for the opportunity of being associated with BrainPoint. Never have I experienced in all my 40 years as an investor, such superlative returns, such a knowledgeable team, such soothing advice, such ethical behaviour, such professionalism coupled with a personal touch. I have a sound sleep every night.
- Anup Rao (Ex-Head Internal Audit – Rallis India Ltd.)
BrainPoint Investor Advisory service is extraordinary. They have consistently earned superlative returns for us. They are way above the other similar organizations. All their advice and actions are highly ethical. We are fortunate to have them as our advisors to manage our wealth.
- Anil Deorukhkar (Ex-Chief Financial Officer South Asia, JWT)
I have been associated with BrainPoint close to 15 years Thanks to my father. I can say with a sense of pride that "Wealth accumulation and consistent performance y-o-y is hallmark of BrainPoint". Equity investments is still considered as gambling or for the brave hearts having but BrainPoint has transformed this so called tabboo into science of making money. Kudos to Mr. Kashikar and team. Keep up the good work.

Y2020 has been the testing year and BrainPoint kept the nerves and exhibited their mettle.

- Milind H Sheth (Sr General Manager - Project Mgmt, Reliance Industries Ltd.)
Our family has been associated with BrainPoint since last 20 years and we are extremely happy that we have reposed our faith in Mr. Kashikar and his team. BrainPoint due to its excellent market analysis and Mutual Fund expertise has always taken pro-active steps to ensure that the investor's portfolio always beats the market return year after year. BrainPoint investors are guided and informed almost on daily basis for the steps taken to enhance the ROI as well as a proper analysis of the market conditions. This helps the investors in allaying any fears / or questions the investors may have as so much of information (Correct or otherwise) is available to us which may make the investors nervous. All help is provided to the investors through the appointed KAMs who are doing an excellent job of the same. As rightly said by Mr. Kashikar, we should look forward to gift a MF portfolio of 25/35 years to our future generations to ensure financial well-being always.
- Sanjay Bapat (Retd. VP Mktg & Sales, Khandelwal Laboratories)

Feb 2020 Investor Feedback Survey

I started with BrainPoint 14 years back and then there was no looking back. I always appreciate their philosophy of being most ethical and to predict future winners. BrainPoint has always tried to educate, update their investors through WhatsApp, email, half yearly meets, etc. our trust in BrainPoint has been proven correct time and again when they received CNBC awards and finally entered Hall of Fame. And finally, when I decided to take early retirement in 2019 the assurance Jaydeep gave was commendable. The way you feel comfortable when you have a doctor in the family for our financial health BrainPoint has been the best financial advisor...
- Prachi Sadekar (Director – Heurtey Petrochem)
I am retired from professional service since the past 9 years. BrainPoint advised me to liquidate all my investments and invest the entire proceeds into mutual funds as per BrainPoint's advice. My savings were scattered in equity shares, mutual funds, PMS schemes and fixed deposits. Now all are under one roof, and I am feeling so very relieved both from the point of getting better returns, as well as free time made available, as a consequence. Life is less complicated now. Without my asking, all relevant email statements of advance tax payments due, capital gains, monthly valuation of investments are received. Truly professional and caring group of people.
- Anup Rao (Ex-Head Internal Audit – Rallis India Ltd)
Watching the markets minutely with discretion and caution and acting at the right moment are the skills of only topmost analysts and am happy we are associated with Jaydeep Sir and his team. Hats off to you all.
- Praful Shinganapurkar (Ex-Project Manager – Worley Parsons, Oman)
BrainPoint has again delivered exceptional returns during the most trying market conditions. Their analysis is extraordinary and convincing. It's impartial. They run a very ethical organization keeping the interest of their clients above their own.
- Anil Deorukhkar (Ex-Chief Financial Officer South Asia, JWT)
I am completely satisfied with the service provided by BrainPoint. While looking for an advisory, I wanted to make sure that plethora of my issues regarding market were addressed, and BrainPoint has successfully managed to do that. I want to thank Mr. Jaydeep Kashikar for giving fitting advice and superior returns in given market conditions.
- Sachin Pradhan (Asst. General Manager – L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd)

On Being Inducted Into The "Hall of Fame" at CNBC Awards 2018-19

Congrats Jaydeep and the entire BrainPoint team on this superb achievement and recognition of the fabulous work of BrainPoint. You epitomise the qualities of professionalism and trust that are so critical for investors. God bless you and your team and keep up the outstanding work.
- Viren Rasquinha (Director & CEO, Olympic Gold Quest; Former Captain of Indian Hockey Team & Arjuna Awardee)
This is very very good news and best of the best recognition you can ever dream of. You are above competition so it cannot get bigger than this.
- Milesh Daru (DGM International Taxation, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd)
Hall of Fame... Wow that sounds more like a lifetime achievement award.
- Harendra Tahilramani (Vice President, J. K. Infra-Utlilites Pvt Ltd)
Jaydeep, Vandana and Team BrainPoint. Firstly congratulations!!!! Your biggest USP is ethical and professional approach. The CNBC people also can’t handle your consistency. To save their brand they had to do little injustice this time. I would have done the same. Notwithstanding you are the best.
- Col Ajay Sharma
Heartiest congratulations to BrainPoint and Captain Kashikar to lead his team into Hall of Fame. This award is of relentless efforts, hard work of entire BrainPoint team with best wishes and blessings from all its investors who stood like rock behind them in good and bad times of market trusting and believing in most ethical advice provided regularly. We are proud to be BrainPoint family and rest assure we will always be with you.
- Sudhir Potdar
Congratulations to a wonderful team of BrainPoint. Mr. Jaydeep you are truly a born Leader. BrainPoint has intellectual brains which makes this possible.
- Anil Rajput (Chief Engineer, Thomeship Management Ltd, Singapore)
I am extremely happy to be part of the BrainPoint journey which I have travelled along. The Ups n Downs year after year have always been ups only due to the constant motivational pushes for investing when others fear. Thanks to all @BrainPoint n my best wishes to Team BrainPoint for reaching greater heights in the years to come.
- Godwin Pinto (Assistant Vice President, HDFC Bank)

Dec 2018 Investor Feedback Survey

It is a privilege to be associated with BrainPoint. Jaydeep’s communication style and thought leadership is an example to follow, not only in the finance industry, but also in other lines of professional business.
- Amit Kulkarni (Regional Director of Developing Emerging Markets – Millward Brown International)
Advice received is objective and free of emotion. The approach is to maximize client returns with minimum market and liquidity risk. There is immense knowledge sharing. We are associated with the organisation for over a decade now.
- Mihir Ved (Chartered Accountant)
Honest, reliable and timely actions, keeping up the morale of the investor family during bad times, shunning irrational exuberance or despondency is the hallmark of BrainPoint, have been associated with BrainPoint for 2 decades now.
- Suresh Kumar Prakasham (Retired Senior General Manager of Greater Bombay Bank)
Within last 2 years, we have developed a lifetime relationship with BrainPoint Investment. Their expertise to manage funds has really fascinated us. We really thank BrainPoint and their teams for the sincere dedication in expanding our wealth.
- Dr. Vrushali.V.Rane (Consultant- Gynecologist)
With their very high standard of ethics, BrainPoint has taken away all my stress of managing and monitoring my retirement fund. I know that my money is in the right hands and with this confidence I have invested my entire money through BrainPoint. I do not have any FD or any other investment outside BrainPoint.
- Anjali Patil (Andheri W - Mumbai)
Now I have moved out from Share market and invested in MF through BrainPoint - I have totally lost track of the market. Now I have got lot of time to do what I wanted to do. I fully trust on BrainPoint’s advice and your regular communication keeps me posted on current conditions.
- Madhav Limaye (General Manager Supply Chain Planning & Control – Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd)
Your advisory information is very apt, not exaggerated and always based on past history, experiences. Like doctor holding hand of patient to check pulse to diagnose, you know market pulse very well.
- Sudhir Potdar (Andheri W - Mumbai)
BrainPoint is the one of the FINEST AND ETHICAL Investment Advisory I have ever known. I vouch for the Ethical and Customer Centric approach at BrainPoint. I strongly recommend one to leave All his Financial worries to BrainPoint. Sir, you have the potential to identify Future Winners which even others like VALUERESEARCH have not been able to identify.
- RT. Col Sudhir Bhola
BrainPoint's ethical advice has seen my portfolio appreciate in tough markets. I am at ease and able to focus solely on my work, because I know at the back of my mind that my money is in safe and responsible hands.
- Winit Bekal (Director - Mindsetters Private Tutions)

On Winning CNBC Awards 2017-18

Hearty congratulations! It takes courage to influence so many people the way you did in this market. Well deserved. Please convey our congratulations to the whole BrainPoint Team.
- Anil Chindani (Finance Director - Rest of Asia, AB Sciex Singapore Pte Ltd)
Dear Jaydeep, congrats to you and the BrainPoint team on once again winning CNBC TV 18’s BEST FINANCIAL ADVISOR - West Zone Award. I am not surprised at all given the immense hard work that you and your team put in, attention to detail, ethics, efforts in educating us and investor first approach. I feel very comfortable and secure investing my funds with BrainPoint. In the mad volatility of the financial world, BrainPoint helps bring a bit of calm. This award is very well deserved.
- Viren Rasquinha (Director & CEO, Olympic Gold Quest; Former Captain of Indian Hockey Team & Arjuna Awardee)
Many Congratulations to you and team BrainPoint once again for standing out among so many others. I believe your awards are a result of thoroughly researched, practical & most importantly genuine advice given to those associated with you.. always keeping their best interests at heart. We as a family feel proud to be associated with Brainpoint and take this opportunity to thank you immensely. We look forward to a positive future.
- Murtaza Partapgarhwala, Pune
A testimonial to method and ability! Congratulations Jaydeep & Team... To do it consistently it is a mean feat... The only other person I know is Nadal.
- Devashish Ray
Congratulations. You genuinely deserve it. Apart from your correct prediction of market, you never ever focus on profit of BRAINPOINT but protect your client’s investment only to grow not loose. This award is for your genuineness.
- Usha Sudhir Potdar
Congratulations on your performance once again. It proves that your advice, in the long run, is always beneficial for the long-term investors. We are proud to be associated with you.
- Utpal Desai (FCA), Partner – UDF Associates

2017 Investor Feedback Survey

I have been associated with BrainPoint since a decade and have been constantly rewarded with fantastic returns. A very professional Company managed by very thorough Professionals. We hope to continue our relations through our generations.
- Zaki Kazi (Executive Director, MIDCO Ltd.)
I do not have a remotest doubt about the ethics at BrainPoint. In fact, this is the strongest value of BrainPoint which binds investors like us to your company as we cherish this the most. I am fortunate to get myself associated with the BrainPoint, though very late in my life. Very few (probably none) Financial advisers would dare to advise their investors to pull back their investments from equity mutual funds and invest in liquid fund when markets are heating up, as this could impact their professional fees. But here is an adviser (BrainPoint) who puts business ethics and selflessness above business earnings and advised us to do so. This is a biggest testimony of your business principles and I am a very proud customer of yours. You have always given us a right advise at a right time. Your constant communication, both in good and specially in bad times, has given us lot of comfort and confidence.
- Anil Gagvani (Head – Asset Management, ReNew Power)
I must have been one of the earliest investors and seen BrainPoint evolve and strategically focus on areas of investment which is most relevant in today's time in my view, i.e. MF and Insurance. The knowledge provided through continuous connect and information flow helps derive the comfort that one’s hard earned money is safe. Coupled with that the service provided is unparalleled. It would be really difficult to actively manage ones MF portfolio through market timing without the expert help of BrainPoint and now with use of technology, it is really a cakewalk to seamlessly execute these strategies. Above all, seeing the continuity and familiar faces every time you visit (easier with the new premises) it gives one the confidence about the care that the associates are provided by the owners which makes them continue just as the investors continue their fulfilling journey with Jaydeep and the team.
- Anil Chindani (Finance Director - Rest of Asia, AB Sciex Singapore Pte Ltd)
The Smart choice of finalising your advisor is not the one who charges 0.50%-1.00% less but the one who has a track record of picking ‘Future Winners’ who delivers several extra % returns year-on-year. The one who not just recommends to buy all 365 days, but also advices on when to sell. And most importantly has been himself / herself successful in overcoming the fear - greed syndrome and doesn’t get carried away with market trends. Such advisor will save a sizeable part of your wealth erosion during bad times. Think about it, saving fees is more critical or the returns? The answer is not difficult. The answer is BrainPoint!
- Mamta Sadh (Advocate, Mumbai High Court)
I am investing through BrainPoint for last 20 years. I retired from my job in 2002. My last 15 years of wonderful retired life, I give 100% credit to BrainPoint for their ethical and valuable advice and for taking care of my investments.
- Anil Gururaj Koimattur (Ex-General Manager, The Shipping Corporation of India)
The best value I get from Brainpoint is that it motivates me to invest in a timely manner. I also feel secure with the knowledge that a professional is proactively monitoring my investments with high assurance of integrity. It's important for me that someone advises and facilitates buy and sell at appropriate time without any vested interests.
- Rajiv Shetye (Process Consultant, IT and Software Engineering)
I have been NRI client. Your ethical and expert advice has turned my life to relax and peaceful from anxious. First time ever I have realized benefits of ethical advice on attractive advice. This is what financial advisors should do! I have never had this kind of experience in the past even with BIG BRANDED financial advisors.
- Lalit Badgujar (Dubai)
BrainPoint not only seeks to multiply ones portfolio, but also to educate the investors about the vagaries of this wretched industry, while observing the highest standards of transparency, ethics and full disclosure.
- Pratik H. Mehta (Andheri W, Mumbai)
Before my retirement I used to be anxious about the huge work involved in investing retirement funds in right instruments and thereafter monitoring the investments regularly. In one stroke BrainPoint has not only relieved me of this anxiety but has also generated handsome returns for me, way beyond my expectations.
- Anjali Patil (Andheri W, Mumbai)
It has been around 1.5 years with Brainpoint. In this time I feel unlucky that I was not associated with this team earlier. Having said that I am thankful to my friend who introduced me to Brainpoint in Jan 2016. Having a single and focused approach on wealth management has been an eye-opening revelation for me. And having a clean, transparent and ongoing open dialogue on investments is the best part of the team. Thank you and keep up the good work.
- Amay Karnik (Andheri E, Mumbai)

On Winning CNBC Awards 2013-14

You truly deserve these awards. Your analysis and reading of the markets and above all your conviction of the advice you provide is superlative. Jury would not have had any difficulty in choosing you based on the parameters you mention. Thanks for your effort in making us rich!
- Anil Deorukhkar
Hats off to you for your personal achievement. It is a result of dedicated and focused indepth study of the subject and your serious involvement. Congratulations.
- Dilip Pethe
Fantastic achievement once again. We are as thrilled as you. I, for one, did not doubt that you will win the highest award. Many many congratulations to you and your team. We are proud to have been associated with you.
- Utpal Desai
Congratulations... You did it once again and frankly speaking I am not at all surprised because you are "THE BEST FINANCIAL ADVISOR INDIA HAS EVER PRODUCED".
- Ajay Parekh
You have outperformed the market in, so called:
  1. bad market
  2. stable market
  3. good market
This clearly shows that you USE the market very effectively, armed with loads of research and huge amount of information. And while your entire effort is ongoing, there is immense commitment to integrity and benefit of clients! Jaydeep needs to complimented for being what he is and creating a great family of associates, employees and clients.
- Narayan Gad
Tons of congratulations for this year's award (as well). It has always been a satisfying experience to get right advise at right time from you. And it has always been a pleasure to interact with very professional and courteous team of your organization. They never hesitate to run an extra mile in day to day working and managing the investors. I feel very happy to see you getting acknowledged and awarded at national level by industry experts. Congratulations to you and the team at BrainPoint. Thank you and keep up the good work.
- Satish Vengurlekar
Our heartiest congratulations to you for being awarded the best financial advisor in the country. Cheers and we feel proud and happy to have entrusted you with our lifetime savings.
- Vinay Halambi
Congratulations once again...!!!
Great job as usual ....!!!! This is becoming more or less a routine though ...!!!
- Ram Bhagwat

June 2014 @ Sensex 25000

I would like to congratulate you for your stunning performance of 20% XIRR vs Sensex 10% & that too over a 5 year period. Infact I give 100% credit of the entire returns to you as your outperformance as I would have never dared to invest the few times which I did in last few years of utterly boring markets. Your messages somehow made me invest & now I am enjoying the wonderful rewards. I am super happy.
- Mamta Sadh, Advocate High Court
Firstly I was amazed to see 100% gain in Mirae Emerging this week. And now I am doubly amazed to see the dazzling outperformance over last 5 years. Hats off. Brilliant job done. You guys truly deserve the CNBC Best Advisor Awards.
- Rajan Pathak
Wow! Fantastic turnaround after a long period of anxiety only due to the relentless advice and motivation provided by BrainPoint but for which staying back invested may not have been possible. Thanks a ton to the entire BrainPoint team.
- Anil Chindani
I have full faith on your experience and market understanding. My wife has full faith on your professional approach and client first attitude. My kids believe that you are doubling their fathers money which will be wealth for them end of the day. Entire family is totally depended on your experience, approach and credibility. Superb show!!
- H. L. Pathak

Year 2012-13

Most Importantly you make me & all your other investors invest at low levels at times when we panic due to negative news. I think thats more important than advising the right funds at the right time which anyways is your forte.
- Balkrishna Iyer
My biggest benefit I feel is that i avoid mistakes while investing with your sound advice.
- Aditya Sheth
Your timing of funds has undoubtedly helped. At the same time would like to thank BRAINPOINT for always encouraging me through your wonderful advice via sms, emails & phone calls to keep investing low. I feel proud when I invest low when most others are selling. Your encouragement undoubtedly helps here.
- Pragyan Desai
MF: Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. BrainPoint: Past performance is boosting clients confidence to keep following BrainPoint advice without asking any question and performance will come to you sure.
- Rajan Pathak
I feel really lucky to have you as i get both, EXPERTISE & ETHICS. Your fees are very well justified.
- Cyrus Pittalwala
Moral: Follow BPIC advice & keep investing w/o hesitation.Let others get carried away by media and end up taking wrong decisions. Patience pays and haste is waste in Equity markets. It is not T20 but a Test match where Application = Investing at BPIC calls, Class = BPIC funds, Temparament = Patience to stay invested when BPIC tells
- Sapna Raut
Thank You for your timely advice on 'Right Funds at Right Time' & also on 'Mkt Timing' to Buy Low and Sell High. Till 2010, I made very good returns thanks to your advice & the market rally. Since last 2 yrs due to problems in europe & also in India mkts have been down & lacklustre but you have done your job 100%. I am sure we all will once again benefit immensely sooner than later on invts done in past 1.5 yrs which have actually done very good in bad mkt conditions. No doubt they will roar in good mkts.
- Madhav Prabhu
Brainpoint is undoubtedly giving us right advice at the right time & bacause of that we are enjoying good returns. Sometimes mkts are dull & down but we know there is no need to panic as brainpoint is there with us.
- Amee Shirodkar
We investors are sincerely blessed to have an experienced advisor like you to manage our hard earned money. Continue with your good work & we will be more than happy to continue to be with you.
- Ravi Razdan
Only a good financial advisor can help in getting positive returns from a volatile market. I feel lucky that my investment portfolio is in right hands. Thank you for making us more financially literate on where should we invest our hard-earned money.
- Seema Purohit
Dear Jaydeep & Team,

When one is dealing with a group of dedicated people like you all, it is my pleasure to let you know how I feel about your Company!

  1. Advice level: Nandini Sarang has been my advisor from the first day I entered your office in 2003 and all I can say is that I have been blessed having her to guide me. Her wise and educated advice has brought me nothing but gain. Yes, we have had some minor hiccups but overall I trust her judgment completely. She is prompt and very efficient.
  2. Team: have not interacted very much with the others but I have observed them when in your office and find them a dedicated lot.
  3. SMS / Email updates: Very informative and on the button!
  4. Service Standards: Very efficient - keep it up!
  5. Our strengths: Having Jaydeep at the helm and his accurate predictions keep all of us happy. I hope he realizes that he brings a lot of joy to his investors - Thank you. Also, I think Nandini is a huge plus for your Company.

- Geraldine D'Souza
Hi Jaydeep,

You have asked for feedback for the different services you provide to investors here I am trying to give as follows:

  1. Advice level: Your advice level is above all levels available in the advisory field.
  2. Advisory Team: The team you have can do wonders, there can’t be a single person who will not understand what your team advices to them
  3. SMS / Email updates: updated all the time 24x7, infact we all are waiting for your sms/mails all the time
  4. Service Standards: Service Standard is beyond anybody’s imagination, always up to the mark
  5. Our strengths: Your strength is your team and always willing to give the most ethical & smart advice and always thinking only for the investor. I think what can we say to Sachin Tendulkar / Bill Gates / Mukesh Ambani / Warren Buffet, to improve - they are perfect, and you are one of them - perfect. Thank you very much for being my Financial Advisor.

- Ajay Parekh
I am fully satisfied with the services rendered by you in all respects. Mrs. Jayashree Kamath who is handling my portfolio is always very prompt and cooperative in solving all my queries. She is really an asset to your organisation.
- Chandrakant Kajale
Dear Jaydeep & Team,

Here is our feedback:-

  1. Advice level: One of the best advices we have received on protecting & enhancing personal wealth.
  2. Advisory Team: We find them Technically Sound.
  3. SMS / Email updates: We find the SMS & Email updates very valuable. It not only keeps us informed but also educates us.
  4. Service Standards: Very professional. Keep it up!
  5. Our strengths: Strong value system and clear financial fundamentals.

- Vinay Halambi
  1. Advice level: very high and proven.
  2. Advisory Team: good, builds confidence.
  3. SMS / Email updates: are good but we don’t act unless you initiate the process, so sms/email updates are more of informatory news.
  4. Service Standards: very good.
  5. Our strengths: Good team and convincing people.
- Zaki Kazi

On being appointed as Director, FPSB

Dear Jaydeep Kashikar,

Your appointment as Director of “Financial Planning Standard’s Board India” is an important milestone in your professional life. It is a recognition of your expertise and deep knowledge of the subject and your genuine desire to benefit investors. You have moved in wider field and would benefit you personally in widening your knowledge and also of your team members. I am sure that your clients’ interest will always be at the back of your mind while moving to higher circle. Heartiest Congratulations.

- Dilip Pethe
My Dear Jaydeep,

Hearty congrats on your nomination as Director of FPSB India. It is no doubt the recognition of your expertise and experience in the field of investment planning, and I am sure that you will be of immense service to the FPSB, on the one hand and the investing community on the other. Well Done and Keep it up!

- V Y Ghaskadbi

On Winning CNBC Awards

Congratulations. It's now become a habit, this winning of awards. So with this, expectations will be high in future. Keep on doing the good work and enhance the passion to excel.
- Niranjan V Bhat
CONGRATULATIONS. This is the success of your hard work and good team work. Customers serviced by you are always happy as they get the BEST ADVICE compared to any what I have seen across.
- Purushotham Manche
A very well deserved accomplishment. By any standards it is no ordinary achievement. Consistency is the Key to Success. You make us proud always.
- Anand Kulkarni
Congratulations, it is your hard work, indepth research & knowledge, accurate analysis of market, consistently correct prediction that earned you this award.
- Sudhir Potdar
Dear Jaydeep & Vandana,

Heartiest Congratulations to all at Brain Point and especially to both of you and the core team at Brain Point for this amazing achievement in succession. Truly it is deserving and appreciative of creating this hat-trick. That you are consistently achieving and winning accolades is truly a feat worth applauding. This stupendous performance also would not have been possible without the great Leadership styles that both of you carry, the guidance, the hardwork, the sincerity in the commitment of each and every employee towards customers and the highest degree of quality service that you treat your customers with. We are proud of you both and we hope that Brain Point continues to cross many such milestones and be a name to reckon with in future as well.

- Sindhu Nair, MD, SMM-ART Training & Cons Ser Pvt Ltd.